Intelligent, artistic, friendly, Twilight Sparkle is a studious unicorn, and the personal student of Princess Celestia. She is very practical and grounded, often serving as the voice of reason, though she has a tendency to freak out whenever disappointing the princess becomes a possibility; at least, in her mind. She represents the element of magic.

Playstyle: All-Rounder

CPU Difficulty: Medium


Cresent Swipe: + C

Reading: D (charges magic meter)

Teleport: + A/B/C or + A/B/C

Magic Spark (M): + A/B/C

EX Magic Spark (M): + D when magic meter is full

Chapter Trap (M): + A/B/C with at least 1 magic

EX Chapter Trap (M): + D when magic meter is full

(M) - Can be performed in mid-air


Level 1 (Story Arc Climax): (x2) + C

Level 2 (N/A)

Level 3 (Magic Nova): (x2) + C